At GATES, we believe it is important to establish ourselves as an integral part of your team very early in the process. While critical, the goals of pre-construction are not simply to define cost and schedule. In addition, we are committed to working with you and your teams to leverage the full benefit of our ability while identifying and actively planning for construction issues that impact budget and schedule objectives.

GATES is a team player.

GATES’ project management approach includes ‘Partnering’. We make a commitment to build goodwill and trust through open communication between the owner, consulting engineer and/or architect, and subcontractors to avoid disputes by working together towards shared and common goals and objectives on a project specific basis. Partnering helps eliminate surprises and adversarial relationships, and is the cornerstone of effective communication and coordination.

GATES will stand accountable.

At GATES, reporting and communication are not mere goals. They are a discipline born of our belief that we are accountable to the people we serve. Every week you will receive a written project report that updates project status, schedule and budget. We keep you constantly up to date so that you can make informed decisions.

GATES has the experience.

With over 25 years of experience, GATES has the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the most competitive pricing, aggressive scheduling and quality facility. A well run project that stays within budget and schedule are achieved through proper management decisions and an experienced team capable of putting those decisions into practice. We have LEED Accredited, ASHE Certified and a host of other certified professionals on staff.

GATES controls costs.

Our cost engineers can accurately estimate the budget of a project and control costs. We have developed proprietary systems and procedures to effectively manage construction projects, keeping them on budget and on schedule. We are value-engineering experts and we can hold a tight schedule to minimize general condition costs and maximize work force efficiencies.

GATES respects schedule guidelines.

We understand that all aspects of the building process contribute to a timely completion. Accurate and reliable estimates, bid packaging, quality control, field management and responsible scheduling of subcontractors all influence project completion. GATES has the resources to keep projects organized, on time, on budget, and built to our client’s specifications.

GATES is committed to quality construction.

We understand and appreciate our clients’ concerns for long-term quality. We demand a consistently high standard of quality from ourselves and our subcontractors. We will provide ongoing assistance concerning maintenance and warranty items long after project completion.
We are committed to ensuring the successful function and operation of all of our constructed facilities well beyond our standard one year period. Our ongoing support is provided not only because we want great relationships with our clients, but because we feel it’s the right thing to do. Ultimately, we are committed to the Owner’s complete satisfaction beyond standard expectations.

Extensive Experience. Proven Results.